Why is blogging…

Why is blogging so demanding

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  1. gbrbsbblogs says:

    Xena – Exactly as you say my comments don’t post… no moderation, no holding queue just “ni na de na” (ni nada de nada) and none had any links whatsoever. I just posted more or less the note below to faux addressed to both and I post it here in case you can try emailing the professor.

    After your and Xena’s advice my posts were coming up, I posted several times yesterday night and it all was working fine, but today again I can’t post and I didn’t even shut off the computer or change anything from when finally, seeing it was working perfectly, and after preparing a note of gratitude for y’all, to post first thing today, I went to sleep.

    IDK, but it has to be something on the professors side, and I reckon it will be something to do with the spam guard, which, for some reason, is taking my comments as spam. I can’t contact the professor as I have no reply in my notifications from him to be able to answer to, and that’s the only way I can sometimes get a comment to go in. As professor is a paying member of WP he maybe able to get on to them and see what they can do, or check his spam settings and remove me from the list.

    Been there, done it, bought the T-shirt many times yesterday and it didn’t work (clear cache, re-boot, change browser etc). Then, after it had not been working all evening and without doing anything, suddenly last night, after you replied saying you had seen my comments, I tried it and it was working.

    As I said, I went to sleep leaving my comments posting perfectly, even from the main thread, because I am sometimes able to post as a reply in notifications to somebody’s reply to me.

    In any case, thanks so much, but if you see a comment from the professor could you please try and post him there, because I really think it has to be something to do with his settings, and if he can’t fix it, he maybe able to contact WP direct who maybe can. (I am going to post on Xena’s to see if my posts are accepted there.)

    @faux, xena, & willis – A note of gratitude from a fellow blogger

    Thank you for your efforts to help this lost sheep return to the fold. Once advised you were seeing my beautiful Denny cavorting around on the current post, I returned again to search for my handle, and there, where it had not been not before, I beheld him with my latest post when I had feared he was, along with my words, forever gone to cyber space.

    My elation would have had no bounds had the need to confirm I was reunited with my voice & companion was permanent, not merely another hoax sent to tease. Hesitant, fearing loneliness and silence could be my return, finding strength from my weakness and with thoughts aquiver, trembling I was able to post a new comment at the bottom of the page, and while I waited for it to refresh, heart pounding and with a heavy breath, my life on the blog flashed past bringing on feelings I might never see my fonts here again. And while watching all that sorrow and laughter, the ups and the downs pass before my eyes, I thought of all of you, my dear bloggers, and wondered how you might manage without me were I to be gone so soon, and as I saw the screen shuddering through it’s final motions before it would come to rest and disclose or not my presence, from inside me there surged a desperate plea, wtf happened in cyber space yesterday!

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